Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Open Letter to Hollywood (and the Easter Bunny)

Here's the deal: I love Easter! Bunnies, candy, pastel dresses, and no shopping stress – the perfect holiday, right? Wrong! For me a holiday isn't complete without the corresponding movie marathon, which seems to be the one department in which the holiday shows serious deficits.

Of course there's always Charlie Brown and Easter Parade – but that only makes two, and if you're not into cartoons or musicals you might have a problem.

Sure we have Hop, which is definitely a step into the right direction. But it did not come out until last year and is for kids (which doesn't stop me from watching, anything that involves James Marsden delivering candy is a win...actually scratch the candy part, James Marsden alone is totally enough).  

But what about those long Easter weekends before E.B. hopped into our home theaters? Two years ago I actually resorted to watching House Bunny (I was desperate!), it turned out to be an okay movie but I guess it's needless to say that I was a little disappointed about the lack of Easter eggs...

Then there's that one time when I was 14, and decided that Donnie Darko (What? There's a rabbit on the DVD!) would be appropriate holiday entertainment. Well it's not. Don't get me wrong, it is an interesting, quirky film that would be right up my ally now ...but it was too much for my 14 year old self.

Another childhood Easter memory involves Critters 2. Actually I'm not sure if I even watched this on Easter, but I do remember furry hairballs from outer space killing the easter bunny, which seems like a fantastic movie premise ...when you're 12, and scared of furry hairballs from outer space...

I'm not asking for a major blockbuster, that involves Nick Cage hunting down the last Easter egg, Shia LaBeouf saving the world from an evil bunny robot attack, or Reese Witherspoon being stuck in a love triangle with the Easter Bunny and a hot british hare (...wait, I'd actually love to see that one). All that I'm asking for are some fun, little, made for TV Easter movies. So, someone please call ABC Family and tell them to get on that, because with felt 16 Christmas movies a year, you'd think there'd be some room for Easter...  

Peace, Love and Sunshine
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is not only the Birthday of the amazing Elin (See what I did there? Magician name because you share your birthday with the great Houdini),  it is also the Birthday of this blog. That's right! I've been doing this for a whole year, so lets break out the party shoes and celebrate! 

 ...and talking of party shoes I recently splurged on a very nice pair of black patent oxfords. They are impractical, the opposite of robust, and not that easy to pull off - but the sheer fabulousness is worth it. 

My favorite ways to wear them are actually on the casual side. These shoes add instant glamour to a simple sweater dress or boyfriend jeans. For a dressier look they look best paired with a sparkly dress.  Keep it on the shorter side to balance out the fact that they are technically men's shoes (the flatter the shoe, the shorter the dress is always a good rule of thumb).
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And now it's cupcake time, Birthdays and all...

Peace, Love and Sunshine
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Friday, March 16, 2012


...yep the title of this post is indeed "eeep".

Because I'm already halfway out the door on my way to the mall I'm gonna keep this short. I just got my Neuro-Linguistics paper back and *drumroll*... A+, 1,0, VG! 

Here are some macaroons and awesome music to share my joy:

Peace, Love, and Sunshine 

Friday, March 9, 2012


Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I spent the last 3 weeks working on an insanly tedious Neuro-Linguistics paper...but I finished it last night (and it is awesome!).

...Obviously this called for celebration...and shopping, so here's my "Yay-My-Paper-is-Done-Friday" in pictures:  

I started with the shopping, and found an awesome Hugo Boss silk dress  at my favorite thrift store (40 bucks, tags still on). After that I went straight to Burberry. I promised myself a new coat for  finishing the paper, and ended up with this fantastic spring raincoat.  The afternoon portion of the day was spend with the most relaxing thing in the world: 

Painting - and here's the result:  

It's inspired by a drawing I saw on Twitter, and will probably go into the hallway or my closet...I'll keep you updated. 

After a colorful dinner, it was time for some iPad crime fighting in victorian London (wearing my very awesome David and Goliath lounge pants - cause that's how I roll).

...And just because this post still doesn't do justice to my mood today I dare you to listen to THIS while looking at a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch holding a plastic lamb:

Peace, Love and Sunshine
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Must Haves

I'm in desperate need of a little break from my Neuro-Linguistics paper, and there's no better way of escaping the dry science world than blogging about fabulous stuff. So here are my "March Must Haves" (gotta love a good old alliteration): 
1) Marni for H&M - the whole collection is fabulous, but I'm especially drawn to this cardigan, so much that I'm gonna stay up on tuesday night to get it  as soon as the collection is released online.  

2) Colored Chinos (Maison Scotch) - I adore them, and yes so far my definition of "colored" is still within the navys and rusty reds, but as soon as it gets warmer I will venture out into the salmon shades.  

3) Quilted Yellow Bag - I found an adorable yellow bag that looks a lot like the lovechild of a classic Chanel Flap and one of those little neon Rebecca Minkoff purses, and yes it is a little tacky but so very cute. 

4) OPI I Don't Give a Rotterdam - I wasn't too excited about the Holland collection, but this color really stood out to me, it is the perfect mix of blue, gray, and lavender with just a hint of sparkle. 

5) Rules of Civilty - This book is like Gossip Girl meets Gatsby in the 1930s, and the outcome is absolutely thrilling (and I'm saying this having read only the first 50 pages).

6) Consolers of the Lonely (The Raconteurs) - It's funny I was utterly obsessed with this album last March and now the obsession is back. Consolers is maybe in my top 5 of all times, and rightfully so - there isn't one song on it that I don't love.  

7) Lindt Fleur De Sel - It's dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt, and the most delicious thing in the world (that is not a certain British actor) ...and I am not even a chocolate person all. 

So what are you loving this March? Let me know, comment below!

Peace, Love and Sunshine
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