Sunday, March 31, 2013

The 4 C's

When I saw this week's IFB Project, I knew I had to participate. The assignment was:  "Define Your Style”, and as any fashion fan knows it's one of the hardest questions to answer. I hate putting labels on things. Yes,  I attend an elite University, and yes I own more than three navy cable knit sweaters, but I wouldn't call myself preppy. My iPod is full of Sum and Blink, and yet I wouldn't be caught in a hoody unless I'm working out. And then there's "nerd", but besides my reading glasses I don't aspire to look like a cast member of the Big Bang Theory...

So what exactly is my Style? Well, I like to refer to the 4 magic C's:

My days are usually a constant back and forth between being curled up on the couch with my laptop,  and running around town. So I rely on great shoes and outerwear  to make my casual jeans and t-shirt combos presentable. My grandpa always  used to say something about judging a man by his shoes and coat - and I guess that kinda stuck with me.  A good (and comfortable) pair of black leather flats goes with everything, and can even make a pair of 9.99 H&M jeans (my fave) look sophisticated. And as long as I have a Burberry trench in my closet I know that I'll always be well dressed. 

Another factor is the versatility of this style, the "C" in colorful. If I wake up and want to celebrate my preppy side, I'll choose a bow and a longchamp. if I want to show my wild side I'll go with a skull scarf, and if I want to channel my inner Sheldon Cooper, I'll rock a comic book tote for the day.


So I guess one could define my style as a blank canvas. A blank canvas in good shoes and a Burberry trench.

Peace, Love and Spring Showers,

BRB Adventuring...

The Doctor is finally back, and with him his new companion Clara (Jenna Louise Coleman). And while who she is might still be a big mystery, one thing is already sure: she has fantastic taste in jackets.  


Barbour Vintage Duralinen Force Parka

Sadly Clara's Barbour appears to be sold out (although it's still available in sand), but there's always ebay (unless you're still hiding from the Internet, but given that you are reading this, that shouldn't be an issue...).

...or  these wallet friendly alternatives:




Peace, Love, and Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you're all having a great day, and are able to find all those Easter Eggs (you do not want to stumble across one on Christmas, trust me...)

Take one...

...and one of those.

And if you happen to be a Sherlock fan, and are in need for some Easter fluff,
then follow this link.

Peace, Love, and Fluffy Tails,

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Denim

Everyone loves a good Easter dress, but if you live in a colder climate it can be hard to pull of that pastel sundress. But don't fret because I have the perfect alternative: pastel skimmer jeans. 

The color makes them festive, and the lenght makes them classy enough for an Easter Breakfast - and unlike said sundress these won't make you look weatherly confused when you slip on your UGGs or Wellies to tackle that Easter Egg hunt.

Easter II

Another perk is that these literally go with anything. Personsally I'd pair them with a light chambray shirt or a cream cable knit sweater and some statement jewellery.

Peace, Love and Coffee Breaks

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blast From the Past

The Internet can be a wonderful place. The other day a friend of mine tweeted  a truly important question: anyone remember BBMAK? I replied immediately, and it sparked a little chat about all those boy bands our 14 year old selves loved, a chat that also led to this tweet:

While BBMAK are a VERY fond childhood memory, their music isn't exactly what I'd listen to today - but I was still intrigued, and followed the link...

...and boy I'm so glad I did. 


Even if you're not a BBMAK fan check out 10 Reasons to Live, and their very amazing music.

Peace, Love, and Coffee Breaks

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Basket

Looking for a little Easter surprise for those who aren't all about the chocolate? Well look no further, here are my ideas for calorie free Easter goodies:

My personal favorite is the Fifi Lapin book, it's a must for any fashionista. And the fluffy tailed iPhone case will be the center of attention at any Easter gathering, and costs less than a Lindt Bunny.

Peace, Love, and Coffee Breaks

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seen On: Crumpets and Cloche Hats

How great was the Pretty Liars season finale? So many new questions...  but I'm not here to discuss red coat theories with you, this is all about the Liar's wardrobe. After her little "vacation" Spencer and her impeccable fashion sense are back and better than ever. Although there is, of course, nothing wrong with spending a week in sweats (or a mental institution) every once in a while…


Just out of Radley, and already serving tea and crumpets in an lovely Anthropologie cord dress. Oh Spence, how I've missed you...


And then there was the hat: 


I'm so glad to see her reunited with her hats, sadly this particular one seems to be impossible to track down. Anthro does, however, offer a good selection of cute (and spring appropriate) alternatives, like this amazing straw cloche:


Or  the red cotton version:


EDIT: Spencer's Cloche is from Anthro as well (just not available in the EU store)

Peace, Love, and Coffee Breaks

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Look of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I may not be Irish but I do love the color green, even though it is not always easy to pull of (even for a green eyed blonde like myself). But one thing you can never go wrong with are green shoes and accessories. And then there's the option of simply throwing on a green trench over your favorite jeans and t-shirt combo... 
What's your favorite way to wear green?

Peace, Love, and Coffee Breaks

Friday, March 15, 2013

Simplify, simplify...

I saw this packing guide on Tumblr, and figured I should share it here. Because well 1) it's brilliant, 2) the example happens to fit my own style to a tee (except that I'd throw in a trench coat or two), and 3) it doesn't only apply to packing, but is also a great example of how to build a wardrobe:


We should all tape this into our suitcases…

Peace, Love, and Coffee Breaks

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hump Day Homework: The Lying Game

Twins and murder mysteries are a combination that never fails to be exciting, and the Lying Game is one of the best examples for this:

Read: The Lying Game (Sara Shepard)

As crazy as I am about the show, Shepard's Pretty little Liars book series could never hold my attention. But With The Lying Game it seems to be the other way around, the TV show is alright, but I read the first 3 books within one week. So please, give this brilliant murder mystery a try. You won't regret it. 

Watch: The Lying Game (ABC Family)

I just said that the show is only alright, but it still is one of the the most enjoyable guilty pleasure shows out there. It isn't as dark and twisted as the book, but the amount of eye candy (I'm talking about the wardrobe, obviously...) makes more than up for that. And since the season two mid season finale just aired last night it's the perfect time to catch up. 

Listen To: Modern Muses Volume 1

I was looking for the show's amazing theme song "Gun For A Tongue", and found it on this little compilation of great but underrated songs. Just check it out, you might just find a new favorite.

Peace, Love, and Coffee Breaks

Monday, March 11, 2013

Death by Flowers

Scarves are probably my all time favorite accessory,  you will rarely find me without one.  And last night I found one on Asos that will most likely be my number one this Spring:

It combines my favorite old trend (skulls) with my favorite new trend (blood orange), and will loook utterly fantastic with my green Trench. And the very best? It's only 16 bucks.

Peace, Love and Coffeebreaks

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am Woman Hear Me Roar...

Who else is in love with Aria's (Lucy Hale) fierce leopard coat from tonight's all new Pretty Little Liars episode?

Unfortunately Aria's Zara coat isn't available anymore, but H&M offers a nice (and wallet friendly) alternative:


…and if full on leopard print is a little out of your comfort zone then how about a leopard lined parker, or a biker jacket with leopard sleeves?

Peace, Love, and Coffee Breaks

Monday, March 4, 2013

Home Sweet Home...

Everyone knows that H&M is the place for affordable but fashion forward clothing, but I've always been a little reluctant to shop in their Home department. The main reasons for this were 1) my local H&M doesn't carry the home line, and 2) bad experiences with their online store...   

But no bad experience could keep me away from this:


Everything about this is perfect! And since I needed new couch cushions anyway, I figured why not...

I only wish I could make those curtains work...

Peace, Love, and Coffee Breaks

P.S.: my shopping experience was much better this time, no mess ups or two month delays.

Friday, March 1, 2013

March Hare

Nautical stripes are always a good idea, especially when paired with bright yellow - and no one does that better than the British brand with the little hare - Joules.

Just send me everything...

Peace, Love, and Coffee Breaks