Sunday, March 27, 2016

5 March Things

First of all Happy Easter if you celebrate it, and if not: Happy Sunday! I really can't believe I'm already posting my March favorites, didn't I just write the January post?  Time flies…

Leopard Print Lindt Bunny:
I've seen tiger bunnies everywhere last year, but the leopard version was new to me. And come on, a leopard print Lindt Bunny? Easter just got so much cooler.  

Someone recommended this to me and I immediately fell in love with it. Børns' sound is very sweet and relaxing, but also a little haunting, which is something I always enjoy. And if you're a fan of Lana Del Rey, Lorde or Halsey you'll probably enjoy Dopamine. 
Favorite Track: American Money

Quail Easter Eggs:
It's ridiculous and a waste of money, but they're so freakin' cute. 

 The Kills "Doing it To Death":
The fact that the Kills are releasing a new album after what feels like an eternity would be exciting enough on it's own, but the video for the first single "Doing it to Death" just makes it that much better.  How cool are those dancers?

No explanation needed.  

What was your favorite March thing?  

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easter Basket II

As great as those chocolate bunnies are, I prefer my Easter goodies to be calorie free. From bunny sweaters, over fun phone cases and other tech accessories, to makeup items, like Easter egg colors for your nails,  there's really no limit to what you can put into an Easter basket (except the size maybe, but hey then you'll just have to get a little creative with the hiding place).

Happy Hunting! 

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Another Story

I'm usually not one to buy into the hype whenever a luxury label collaborates with a high street brand.  My main issue with the concept is, that it often means paying higher prices for the same old quality. Because no, a label does not turn a polyester blend sweater in a luxury item…

But Rodarte's capsule collection for & Other Stories is another story (I couldn't resist).  I'm a big fan of & Other Stories to begin with,  especially their bags and shoes can easily compete with more high end pieces when it comes to design and quality. So I actually wouldn't mind paying a little more for a piece from the Rodarte collaboration (and in this case it really is a little, because the  prices hardly stray from those of the brand's regular collection):

&other stories

The goal was to create a collection that represents the textures of a California lifestyle and would easily transition from day to night, and the result is a perfect blend of 70s glam and 90s cool girl style (think Weetzie Bat after a makeover for a Vogue cover shoot). It's going to be so hard to decide what to get! (That blue suede jacket, is high up on the list though.)

Check out a preview of the collection on & Other Stories,
and shop it online and in select stores tomorrow.

Peace, Love, and  Lobsters

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ballet Shoes

It's the same thing every year, spring comes around and pastels start popping up everywhere. And as much as I love a blush jacket or a baby pink sweater on the hanger, the moment I put it on I feel like I'm wearing a Halloween costume. It's just too girly, too cutesy …too not me.  But  there are a couple of exceptions:  A pastel scarf is the perfect way to add some lightness to a winter coat, a blush bucket bag is one of the most versatile things you can own, and the one thing you really can't go wrong with are shoes:

blush shoes

I'm personally partial to the Keds, they are a fun spin on the white sneaker trend, and definitely just as versatile.  And those Nikes are so wonderfully 80s…  

But if sneakers aren't your thing, look for men's wear inspired pieces like a classic pair of loafers or opt for a fresh take of the fringed bootie … and if all fails, there's always the tried-and-true ballet flat.

What's your favorite way to wear pastels? 

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring Playlist

It's been way too long since my last playlist, but this one should make up for it. 
I obviously had to include the new Kills single (I've been playing the video on repeat for days), as well as Jack White's little Muppets stint …and I somehow ended up with a lot 80s and 90s favorites in between. 


What are you listening to right now?

Peace, Love, and Lobsters